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Top Common Back-end Languages
Unlike the front-end language that only has JS, back-end languages are in a numerous form. The most common ones are the old PHP and Java, and the most popular ones are Python and Ruby as well as Node.js, Go etc. In fact, each back-end language has different characteristics and its own advocates. Using which language for the best starter has always been an open question; however, allowing us to have a simple concept of each language, the following is a compilation got mentioned frequently which feature in each language, criticized in development points, and websites are developed by which language.
How many back-end languages do you know?

It is the most popular back-end language with the most users.
Easy to learn. Criticized by the old designs.
Examples: Facebook、Wordpress


Fast development.
Many bootcamp teach backend in this language worldwide.
Examples: Airbnb、Twitter


The language is simple and easy to learn.
There are many applications that are related to data analysis and data mining.
Poor performance by using Python alone.
Examples: Instagram、Reddit

4.JavaScript (Node.js)

Front and back-end can both use JS.
Extremely in high efficiency by using front and back-end.
Not suitable for CPU-intensive applications.
Examples: Yahoo、Walmart


Google recommends.
It has a comprehensively standard library with good performance.
There are few learning resources.
Examples: Google、Youtube