四分衛 QuarterBack《吠 Bark》Official Music Video
MV VFX Smoke Simulate X 3D X Charactor Acting X Modeling

- 是非黑白,對錯真假,我們能做的只有怒吼一聲
- 第九張全新創作專輯《轉轉轉大人》先行全面釋放能量單曲
- 要對付怪物那就只能把自己變成呲牙裂嘴的怪物




- Right and wrong, right and wrong, true and false, all we can do is roar
- The ninth new creation album "Zuanzhuanzhuanzhuan" is the first single to fully release the energy
- To deal with monsters, you can only turn yourself into a gnawing monster

Right or wrong, right or wrong, true or false, all we can do is roar. It is unimaginable that the embarrassment you met later also gave you a lot of happiness. It turns out that when you are selfish, greedy, indigestion and shameless, you will appear in a way that you could not imagine before. It is obviously the perpetrator who speaks unconscionable words, immersed in it. In the role of the victim as a strategy to gain sympathy and attack the person he is targeting, bystanders are eager to try but can't help, even if they understand that poor people must be hateful, they can only remain indifferent.

Later, the perpetrator who pretended to be the victim, no matter how hard he tried, would always be a bad person in the world in front of the victim who was misunderstood as the perpetrator, but the perpetrator who pretended to be the victim might be a good person in the eyes of others. Being a human being is difficult but also arduous, shameless but very simple. To deal with monsters, you can only turn yourself into a monster with fangs and cracks, and stay away from people who are too stubborn and ungrateful.

Visually, the song "Bark" is the first MV for a quarterback to shoot almost all in front of the green screen. It took a day to shoot in the studio, and the post-production process took the director and post-production nearly two months of work. Time, it is unimaginable that a computer must run for more than 24 hours or more in order to run a picture. All efforts are aimed at presenting a brand-new appearance of a quarterback that you and I have never seen before. This first single is also the opening of the band's ninth new creation album "Zuan Zhuan Zhuanzhuan", which will be released at the end of the year. Prologue.

影片製作 Production | 春沐國際 Chun-Mu Studio
導演 Director | 林士鈞 Tomas Lin
編劇 Screenwriter | 廖孟真 Meng Liao
角色設定 Character Design | 周延餘(魷大)Johnny Chou
字體設計 Font Design | 周延餘(魷大)Johnny Chou
開場插畫 Intro Illustration | 周延餘(魷大)Johnny Chou
3D建模 3D Modeling | 陳昌言 Scott Chen、吳仲軒 Leo Wu、林芳妤 Naoto Lin、劉妍伶 Annie Liu
動畫 Animation | 陳昌言 Scott Chen、吳仲軒 Leo Wu、林芳妤 Naoto Lin、劉妍伶 Annie Liu
合成 Compositing | 陳昌言 Scott Chen、吳仲軒 Leo Wu
剪輯 Editing | 陳昌言 Scott Chen
特效 VFX | 陳昌言 Scott Chen、吳仲軒 Leo Wu